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World Rangers Day

World Ranger Day (WDA) is marked on July 31 every year to pay tribute to rangers who have been injured or killed in the course of their duty and to celebrate their colleagues who are still boldly performing their roles in protecting the world’s natural and cultural treasures — wild animals and their habitats. Rangers do not only ensure safety for wildlife but also that of people visiting our parks, reserves, sanctuaries, and conservancies.

Rangers from Enonkishu and Ol Kinyei conservancy

EAWLS in partnership with Embassy of Finland to Kenya, Embassy of China to Kenya, Mara Conservation Fund and Intrepid Foundation has been supporting rangers in an array of ways through its conservancy support programme since 2014. The programme focuses on building the capacities of conservancy rangers through trainings and provision of equipment.

A total of 30 rangers have been trained on different aspects, including ecological monitoring, field safety, planning effective patrols, incident reporting and response, and professional ethics.

The most recent beneficiaries are rangers from Ol Kinyei, Mt. Suswa and Enonkishu Conservancies. The trainings have enhanced good working relationships among rangers, boosted their morale, enhanced quality data gathering as well as accurate and effective reporting of incidents.

The programme also supports rangers through the provision of anti-poaching equipment such as binoculars, motorbikes, portable tents, camel backpacks, sleeping bags, boots, uniforms and unit huts for radio room. These have not only boosted the morale of the rangers but also enhanced their effectiveness and efficiency resulting in reduced poaching of wildlife. In total, the programme has supported rangers from up to 20 conservancies in Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Taita Taveta and the coastal and northern regions.

Rangers are on the frontline in defending not only our wildlife but also people and their livelihood.

EAWLS would like to encourage our partners, members and the public to support our rangers programme through funding or donation of equipment. The Society also appeals to you to plant least one tree to commemorate our rangers who died while defending our heritage.

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