East Africa is fast losing its wildlife. Threats such as loss of habitat and poaching are increasingly threatening to wipe out the wildlife, which tourism is hinged on.

We are working with key partners to build community awareness, strengthen institutional arrangements and improve benefit sharing. Furthermore, we are keen on reducing human wildlife conflict and stem the tide of poaching.

To this far, we have contributed significantly to a sound policy environment for the sustainable management of the region’s wildlife.

We also contributed in the establishment of a rhino sanctuary in Lake Nakuru Park, translocation of the critically endangered Roan Antelope to Ruma Park, pushed for the establishment of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and provision of anti-poaching equipment to KWS and community wildlife conservancies among many others initiatives and interventions.

Our Approach

We are a conservation organization that prides itself as the voice of conservation in the East African region. We do this through evidence based advocacy and engaging different key stakeholders to influence change.

Information Sharing

EAWLS publishes the world-renowned Swara magazine, whose focus is on conservation challenges and successes as well as new approaches. The magazine is

Policy Influencing

EAWLS takes a lead role in facilitating and contributing to the formulation and implementation of policies and laws in the land, natural resource cons

Conservation Programmes

EAWLS has a strong community-based approach in its direct conservation programmes and initiatives. We work closely with Beach Management Units (BMUs),

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