Wetlands in East Africa continue to suffer a steady decline in their health and extent, as a result of encroachment, pollution and unsustainable utilization.

Through our efforts we have led to the adoption of a draft Wetland Policy by the Government of Kenya and championed for the gazettement of the Environmental Management and Coordination (wetlands, river banks, lake shores and sea shore management) Regulations, 2009 in Kenya. Through this intervention, a process has been initiated to gazette Lake Ol Bolossat in Nyandarua County as a Wetlands Protected Area.

Our Approach

We are a conservation organization that prides itself as the voice of conservation in the East African region. We do this through evidence based advocacy and engaging different key stakeholders to influence change.

Sharing Information

Our widely-read Swara magazine is the voice of conservation in East Africa. With it, we aim to create a collaborative space for sharing information, e

Policy Influencing

EAWLS takes a lead role in facilitating and contributing to the formulation and implementation of policies and laws in the land, natural resource cons

Conservation Programmes

EAWLS has a strong community-based approach in its direct conservation programmes and initiatives. We work closely with Beach Management Units (BMUs),

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