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For more than 60 years, we have been advancing the voice of conservation in forestry, wildlife, wetland, and marine through policy dialogue, engagement and influence; neutral arbiter to complex natural resources based conflicts or situations; design and execution of diverse and complex conservation programmes and evidence based advocacy.

We play a leading role in conservation issues, such as facilitating and contributing to the formulation and implementation of policies and laws in the natural resource conservation sector (that touches on land, water, forests and wildlife).


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Forest resources and associated lands need to be carefully managed to meet the social, economic, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations.

We are actively engaging the Governments by ensuring all policies and laws are implemented well, while strengthening community institutions such as Community Forest Associations (CFAs) to be more involved in decision-making.

Most significantly we were the lead organization in the creation of Mau Complex Taskforce by the Government of Kenya whose recommendation to save the giant water tower were adopted leading to the establishment of Kenya Water Towers Agency aimed at enhancing the coordination of Kenya’s most important forested water catchments. Other key milestones are; establishment of the Kenya Forest Working Group (KFWG) forum, drafting of the Forests Act 2015, establishment of Community Forest Associations (CFAs) and mapped illegal timber trade between Kenya and Tanzania pushing both governments to set up structures to stem this.

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East Africa is fast losing its wildlife. Threats such as loss of habitat and poaching are increasingly threatening to wipe out the wildlife, which tourism is hinged on.

We are working with key partners to build community awareness, strengthen institutional arrangements and improve benefit sharing. Furthermore, we are keen on reducing human wildlife conflict and stem the tide of poaching.

To this far, we have contributed significantly to a sound policy environment for the sustainable management of the region’s wildlife. We also contributed in the establishment of a rhino sanctuary in Lake Nakuru Park, translocation of the critically endangered Roan Antelope to Ruma Park, pushed for the establishment of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and provision of anti-poaching equipment to KWS and community wildlife conservancies among many others initiatives and interventions.

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The East African coast is faced with a rapidly deteriorating marine environment and we have since 2004 been working to encourage coastal communities to take ownership of their marine resources, and to manage them sustainably.

We are working on establishing more Beach Management Units (BMUs) to help manage more Community Conservation Areas (CCAs), thereby increasing the number of marine areas under sustainable management by local communities.

We were instrumental in the development of a management plan to guide ring net fishing in Kenya.


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Wetlands in East Africa continue to suffer a steady decline in their health and extent, as a result of encroachment, pollution and unsustainable utilization.

Through our efforts we have led to the adoption of a draft Wetland Policy by the Government of Kenya and championed for the gazettement of the Environmental Management and Coordination (wetlands, river banks, lake shores and sea shore management) Regulations, 2009 in Kenya. Through this intervention, a process has been initiated to gazette Lake Ol Bolossat in Nyandarua County as a Wetlands Protected Area.

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