The East African Wild Life society is an organisation dedicated to maintaining and improving one of the most pristine and rich natural resources left on the planet. As a member of EAWLS, you are helping ensure that all people in East Africa benefit from the full diversity, beauty and richness of nature. The achievements so far would not be possible without our dedicated Membership. We need your support.

Supporting the EAWLS signifies your dedication to conservation and the wise use of the environment in East Africa. Your donations help us protect wildlife and the environment, while also improving governance and local livelihoods. We greatly appreciate your support.

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We are the guardians of the raw material of the tourist safari. Whether you are a tourist, tour operator and simply a natural enthusiast, you will benefit from strengthening EAWLS as the Voice of Conservation in East Africa.

As a member of EAWLS you will be part of an organisation that uses its influence, reputation and respected voice to argue for the sound governance of our natural heritage for the benefit of all who live on it, through it and in it. Support us and you are reinforcing our ability to shape government and regional policies that will affect the landscape and all those on it.

There is an Annual General Meeting where members can make their views known.

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