Want to Create Change?

By partnering with us you are making a real difference in environmental conservation.
Partnering with EAWLS is a great way for individuals and organizations to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and help conserve the region’s iconic species for the benefit of current and future generations.
Project Partnership

By funding our project activities, we will ensure proper implementation of key environmental objectives targeting to improve and restore nature in the region of East Africa and building capacities of the right authorities and stewards of conservation.

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Corporate Partnership

Are you a corporate organization wanting to contribute your resources to sustain a healthy environment and support conservation in East Africa? You can partner with us today whether you are a company, an institution, an agency, a civil society organization, a non-governmental organization or …

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Philanthropic Partnership

If you are passionate about nature, your philanthropic partnership is a great way to give back to planet earth. Whether you support our campaigns, donate to support our initiatives and appeals, organize a fundraiser on our behalf, leave a legacy to EAWLS or represent us in your country, …

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Stakeholder Engagement

Through networking with like-minded stakeholders we are able to jointly accomplish great achievements that compel governments to make favorable decisions towards safeguarding nature which is vital to the country’s economy and implement best practices…

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