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If we act now, we can ensure a better future for the planet, its wildlife and people.

Campaign With Us

Since inception, we have been campaigning for nature and we passionately continue to do so with your support because nature is important for our planet’s survival. You can be a part of this noble commitment to safeguarding wildlife and natural habitats in East Africa. Join our campaigns and help us persuade decision-makers to consider conserving nature for posterity.

Support these campaigns:

Support Rangers Putting out Wildfires in Kirisia Forest

Kirisia Community Forest Association (CFA) scouts are combing the forest day and night to keep surveillance for the rampant forest fire incidents.

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Support the Forest Rehabilitation Programme

The Forest Rehabilitation Programme aims at raising funds for the restoration of at least 600 hectares (equivalent to planting at least 600,000 trees) of the country’s key water towers between the year 2021 and 2030

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Lake Ol Bolossat Project

Involved in drawing a Draft Management Plan for Lake Ol Bolossat with the County Government of Nyandarua.

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Upcoming Events

Fundraise For a Cause

How Can You Help?

There are many ways you can raise funds to support our work. For every fundraising activity you organize, we will provide you with a certificate of appreciation. Your fundraising activity can earn you complimentary membership in recognition of your efforts. If you would like to raise funds on our behalf, kindly send us an email on

Fundraising Ideas

Birthday Gifting

When celebrating your birthday, you can ask your loved ones to donate to a cause of your choice instead of presenting you with personal gifts. Once you register your fundraising.

Event Fundraiser

Are you hosting a party, a get-together dinner or an event? You can raise funds to support us by making a provision for charity in your event with EAWLS branded materials or gifting a membership to your friends. 

Yard Sales

Yard sales are an interesting way of raising funds and they provide people with an opportunity to sell their personal items to others. You can organize a charitable yard sale aimed at supporting a cause of your choice to support our work.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Become an EAWLS Representative
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Write for SWARA Magazine
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Donate Wildlife Images
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Join a Forum

Kenya Forests Working Group (KFWG) is a valuable source of social and political change that facilitates the democratization process that provides an enabling policy and legislative environment for sustainable natural resources and, in particular the forest sector. Since its inception, KFWG has been an invaluable vehicle through which the Kenya citizens have participated and influenced public affairs on the conservation of forests through advocacy and empowerment. KFWGs role has evolved from just being an independent government watchdog for enhanced transparency and accountability over management of forest resources to a reliable partner promoting development in the forest sector.

Learn more information about KWFG on and Join this forum today to add your voice on forest conservation matters.

The Kenya Wetland Forum (KWF) provides an effective mechanism where stakeholders congregate to brainstorm, consult and update each other, formulate targeted actions, provide important linkages, facilitate partner-to-partner support, advocate for the development of supporting legislation to the sub-sector among other activities as a response to wetland related challenges. Join this forum today and give your views on topical issues of wetlands.

Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum (KWCF) was created to facilitate dialogue among stakeholders. KWCF  provides a platform to discuss wildlife issues dealing with economic incentives; compensation for livestock, crop and human losses; land-use and land-use planning; how people living in wildlife zones want critical issues addressed and wildlife versus other biodiversity. Join this forum today and give your views on topical issues of wildlife.

Imre Loefler conservation Talks were named in honor and recognition of Dr. Imre Loefler’s achievements to save the Ngong Forest Sanctuary from encroachment and destructive development activities and his diligent support for the work of the East African Wild Life Society.
These talks attract experts in various fields of conservation who make interesting presentations about conservation related topics including insects and their impact on nature, forests, wildlife, marine and wetlands. It is attended by a wide array of people.
Join this forum today and participate in these talks as a presenter or participant.

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