The global conservation movement has reached a turning point. We have documented the fast pace of loss of species and their habitats, and the increasing speed of global climate change. While the seriousness of these threats cannot be denied, there are also some successes that deserve to be told. Improvements in the health of species and ecosystems along with their benefits to human well-being need to be highlighted and showcased.

The East African Wild Life Society has partnered with the Tropical Biology Association and others to host the flagship Earth Optimism Event, Nairobi, which will be held on 22nd April 2020 at the National Museums of Kenya.

Earth Optimism celebrates successes and achievements in conservation. It champions a change in focus from problem to solution; from a sense of loss to one of hope in the dialogue on conservation and sustainability.

Towards this end, the East African Wild Life Society invites participants to showcase their conservation efforts at Earth Optimism 2020 through inspiring presentations based on impactful success stories in which people have demonstrably changed the status of a population (species), a habitat, or a threatening process for the better.

The content of the talk should try and answer the following:

  • What is the conservation problem the talk is addressing (which species or place, how is it threatened, and why)?
  • What has been done to address this (what have you been doing with whom, how), and how is this innovative?
  • What is the evidence this is working (ideally with numbers [populations or habitat area stabilized or increasing] or at least good anecdotal evidence [animals being seen where they haven’t for a while, etc.])?
  • What is the impact on local people (are they benefiting, and if so, how)?
  • Why do you think your approach is working?
  • What does the future hold (what are the challenges, are you optimistic and if so why, etc.)?


A projector will be available for PowerPoint presentations, as needed.


Talks will be 20 minutes long and should fall under the following themes:

  1. Environmental conservation: Species and Habitats
  2. Climate action: Adaptation, Mitigation and Innovation
  3. Sustainable food systems: Ecological agriculture, Food security and Nutrition
  4. Communities: Site action, Research and Capacity Building


Interested in having your work featured at Earth Optimism 2020? Reach out to us by contacting: .

The youth, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Corporates are highly encouraged to apply.