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Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum (KWCF)

About KWCF
Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum (KWCF) was formed in 2010 and is an independent and rational platform for constructive dialogue in regard to the conservation and wise use of wildlife. The Secretariat of the forum is East African Wild Life Society. KWCF brings together mainly, Civil Society Organizations at local, national and regional levels and other relevant Non-Governmental Organizations; government institutions; and the private sector.
Main objective
The main objective of KWCF is to ensure that Kenya’s wildlife resources are sustainably managed as part of Kenya’s natural heritage, with economic, social and conservation benefits accruing at local as well as national levels.

KWCF Mandates
The forum’s mandates include:

1. to deliberate on area specific problems as well as on policy and legislative issues
2. to monitor the effectiveness of policy and legislative implementation
3. to assist in the development of relevant subsidiary legislation
4. to assist in securing financial and technical inputs for researching

In line with these mandates the forum addresses a number of key issues including but not limited to:

1. Wildlife conservation/management outside protected areas, including range land management (Land use planning and changes in land tenure patterns and Economic incentives/benefit sharing for wildlife management)
2. Human/wildlife conflict
3. Compensation
4. Protected Area encroachment, especially livestock
5. Decline of wildlife
6. Wildlife corridors/connectivity
7. Closed ecosystem management (Wildlife versus biodiversity, Local overabundance)
8. Invasives

The forum meets on the first Thursday of every month at 12.30 p.m in the EAWLS board room.


1. Members
2. Secretariat-headed by a Coordinator

Who the forum represents

1. Civil Society Organizations dealing with conservation of natural resources and the environment at the local, national and regional levels.
2. Other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are not necessarily CSOs but are dealing with conservation of natural resources and the environment.
3. Both public and private universities
4. Governmental Organizations
5. The private sector

Type of forum

Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum (KWCF) is an informal forum thus not formally registered. Registration is free and open to any of the above-listed groups. Registration is both institutional and individual.

Its Modus operandi (Mode of Operation) will include:

1. Hold monthly meeting on every first Thursday of the Month, except January, between 12.30 pm and 2.00pm
2. Attendance to be open
3. Facilitate agreed actions, through research, projects and advocacy, including the use of task forces, working groups, committees, etc.
4. Support the Forum with a Secretariat, hosted by East African Wild Life society (EAWLS)
5. Secretariat to develop and maintain relevant network
6. Securing financial and technical inputs for researching and undertaking projects, and in particular gain Donor support

Achievements of Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum

1. Participated in the drafting process of the draft Wildlife Policy and Wildlife Bill 2012
2. Discussed and contributed to a fact sheet on the Nairobi Southern by-pass and to stoppage of the construction of this by-pass from the Lang’ata road side.
3. Opposed but gave suggestions on the development of highway through the Serengeti National Park
4 Successfully organized a conservation walk in September 2012 thus jump-starting the reconciliatory process between human beings and wildlife in the Kitengela area which is highly affected by human-wildlife conflict. Plans are underway