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Tupande Pamoja

Tupande Pamoja is a tree planting initiative/facility aimed at rehabilitating Kenya’s forests through the promotion of responsible consumer behaviour. It is a joint venture between the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), the East Africa Wildlife Society, Kenya Forests Working Group and Nature Kenya in collaboration with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS). The facility links private sector and some selected forest neighbourhood communities by promoting multi-stakeholder approach in forest conservation.

Under this establishment, UNEP and EAWLS signed an agreement on 13 August 2008 to: (i) Establish a Reforestation Facility which involves forest conservation in partnership with the private sector entities, local communities and government institutions in charge of forest management; (ii) Rehabilitate degraded water catchments through reforestation; (iii) Promote “payment for services” and corporate social responsibility and; (iv) provide support to the local communities reforestation and conservation initiative.

Tupande Pamoja key activities

  • Identification of forest sites for planting
  • Identification of CBOs and Private to support the Intiative
  • Organizing  tree plant events for the sponsors
  • Monitoring the progress and survival of the seedlings

Introduction and appeals

This activity involves introducing the Facility to the private sectors, appealing for their support and negotiating for partnerships between them and peri-forest communities.  More than 50 members of privates sector were contacted and the concept of Tupande Pamoja introduced to them. Positive responses had started trickling in September 2009.

Key achievements to date

Achievements for 2009

  • NIC Bank donated Kshs 543,000 which has enabled the facility to plant more than 11,000 seedlings at Upland forest on 1st November 2009.
  • Koala Infomation and Advice Centre has donated Kshs 5,000.
  • Communitication Options Kenya donated Kshs 45, 000 which enabled the facility to plant more than 2,000 seedlings at Uplands Forest on 3rd October.
  • Braeburn School raised and donated Kshs 200,000 for the Facility. This money helped to purchase and plant more than 6,000 seedlings at Kijabe Strip Forest. Of the six thousand seedlings, 1000 seedlings were donated by Dr Muthoka of Kenya National Musuems.
  • Banda Schools-Karen have raised and donated to the Facility Kshs 28,000 worth of seedlings. Their wishs is that seedlings are bought and planted in Mau Forest.
  • Oshawal Schools and community donated seedlings 6000 which were planted in Kereita Forest.

Achievements in 2010

  • BirdLife International joined community in Lari to plant more than 2000 seedlings in Kereita forest. They had a direct donation to the community
  • NIC Bank helped the Facility to plant more than 3,000 seedlings in Nyamweru forest on May 22 (International Biodiversity Day)
  • APA insurance helped the facility to plant more than 2,000 seedlings in Menengai Forest in Rift Valley.
  • The Facility is implementing a Kshs 1.8m CEF funded project (to EAWLS) to train CFAs in Mau on PFM and forest rehabilitation. So far four CFA have been trained and more than 3,000 seedlings planted in Bararget forest in Mau. More planting tobe done once CFAs and CBO stabilize in Mau.
  • Students from Strathmore University donated about 1000 seedlings that were at Kereita Foest.
  • Johnson & Johson through WWF have joined Kereita community to plant more than 20,000 seedlings in south Aberdares. The first planting for this initiative is slotted for third week of October