The Challenges

Balloon Reach Challenge


Balloons will be tied up on trees and teams will be expected to lift a team member who should carefully untie the balloons without pricking or bursting them.



Mud Crawl Challenge

Each and every member of a team will be expected to take part in this challenge which will require one to crawl in mud over a stretch of 15 metres.


Spider Web Challenge


This challenge requires teams to carefully pass teammates through the openings in the spider web without bringing it down. Creative thinking, trust, and teamwork are a must as individuals must work together to help each other through.


Name Search Challenge

Pieces of papers with different letters will be put in buckets which will be hanged on trees. Team members will be required to lift one team mate who should dig for letters which make up the teams name.


Sack Race Challenge

Teams will split into two for this sack race relay challenge.


Ditch Walk Challenge

This challenge requires all team members to make it through an extremely muddy ditch. The first person to cross through the ditch should assist other team members out of the ditch.


Slippery Hill Challenge

For this challenge, all team members are expected to climb up a slippery hill. Teamwork, dedication and perseverance are paramount for this challenge.


The Balloon Blow

This last challenge may look simple but imagine blowing up a balloon when you are almost running out of breath from all the grueling activities.


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