Conservation Programmes

EAWLS focuses its conservation programmes in four main areas: Forests, Wildlife, Wetlands and Marine.

EAWLS has a strong community-based approach in its direct conservation programmes and initiatives. We work closely with Beach Management Units (BMUs), Community Forest Associations (CFAs), Water Resource Users Associations (WRUAs) and Community Wildlife Conservancies.

Over the years, EAWLS has been able to:

  1. Safeguard and strengthen protection of Kenya’s five key water towers including the Aberdares, Mt. Kenya, Mt. Elgon, Cherangani and the Mau Forests. The protection of this key environmental service was being badly undermined by illegal land grabbing and encroachment.
  2. Protection of vital water catchments and biodiversity rich ecosystems from being converted into unsustainable land uses such the Tana Delta in the Coast Province of Kenya.
  3. Supporting development of a management plan for guiding ring net fishing in a legal and sustainable manner.
  4. Supporting natural resources co-management and institutional strengthening processes leading to establishment of Community Forest Associations (CFAs) and Beach Management Units (BMUs) and co-management agreements between government on one hand and CFAs and BMUs on the other.
  5. Supporting creation of Natural Resource Management County Networks aimed at empowering stakeholders at county level to participate in County Development under the new devolved Government governance structure resulting to establishment of four networks in Kwale, Nakuru, Samburu and Laikipia.
  6. Supporting community work in rehabilitation of forests (through the Tupande Pamoja initiative), degraded reefs (important fish breeding areas), developing management plans for key biodiversity areas such as Lake Ol Bolossat.


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