National Forums

The East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS) supported the formation and hosts three national sector-based forums.

Kenya Forests Working Group (KFWG)

KFWG is a multi-sector consortium whose mission is to promote sustainable forest management through research, advocacy, networking and partnerships.

KFWG’s key functions include serving the watchdog role in ensuring sustainable management of forestry resources, advocacy for appropriate policy and legislation in the forestry sector and capacity building of communities in the context of participatory forest management.

For more information, visit the KFWG website here

Kenya Wetlands Forum (KWF)
KWF is a multi-stakeholder advocacy, knowledge and information-sharing platform that promotes the wise use of wetlands in Kenya.

KWF’s mission is to enhance the sustainable management of wetlands in Kenya by supporting the development of effective laws and policies, innovations and promoting best practices.

For more information, visit the KWF website here


Kenya Wildlife Conservation Forum (KWCF)

KWCF is an independent multi-sector consortium set up to facilitate the conservation and wise use of wildlife.

KWCF ensures that Kenya’s wildlife resources are sustainably managed, with benefits accruing at local and national levels, under the guidance of appropriate policies, legislation and conservation practices. Read more


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