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Work Priorities
1. Advocacy

To provide leadership in, a focus on and a forum for achieving a successful advocacy programme. The main current advocacy objective is the ensuring of policies and legislation in the natural resource sector are compliant with the new constitution by:

a. Maintaining the rich diversity of the region's natural resources as a platform for the current and future well being of these resources and the people dependent on them.
b. Promoting the planning and sustainable use of these resources as the only foundation for economic and social development now and in the future.
c Ensuring the implementation process, especially the environmental safeguards in Kenya's Environment Management & Conservation Act (EMCA), are transerently and rigously followed by all.
d. Empowering local communities to take responsibility and accrue benefits for the proper management of these natural resources and the environmental services they provide.
e. Facilitating the collaboration of Government, Non-Government and Civil Society in forming partnerships for the transparent and corrupt free management of natural natural resources.
2. Conservation in Action

To undertake programmes and fieldwork, particularly with partnership with local communities, that facilitate the management of natural resources in a sustainable and beneficial manner. The current focus includes coastal resources, forest resources, wetlands, water catchments and wildlife resources.

3. Swara Magazine

To provide 'Swara' Magazine on regular quarterly basis and of high quality with a focus on conservation challenges and successes; lessons learnt; new approaches; etc. in order to stimulate better public understanding and debate.

To supplement the provision of Swara with a quarterly newsletter detailing information on work progress, results, issues and threats.

SWARA magazine is the shop window and the public face of the East African Wildlife Society. Its goal is to inform readers about conservation issues, to reflect what it is doing about them and to be a forum for informed debate.

The magazine – its Swahili name means antelope – has been through several changes in some four decades of existence. First it was the EAWLS Review and published in conjunction with the Nation group of newspapers. Later it became Africana.